Meyer Cookware and Lotus Crystal Factory Outlets in Thailand

The Meyer factory outlet is a 2 hour drive from Pakkret and it is open only one week each year, during December. They sell Anolon, Circulon, and SilverStone cookware. We also saw Rachel Ray pots and pans, and Prestige cooking implements. There is a table of seconds at steep discounts. It’s really fun to go there. For example a 10 piece set of Circulon was 6900 baht, marked down from 9900 baht retail. It included:

  • 14cm/1QT/0.9L saucepan
  • 18cm/2QT/1.9L saucepan
  • 20cm/3.5QT/3.3L dutch oven
  • 24cm/8QT/7.6L stockpot
  • 24cm/10″/3QT/2.8L frypan

The Lotus Crystal factory outlet is a half hour drive away from Meyer. Open all year. They have a selection of jewelry, crystal stemware, mikasa plates and mugs, candles and crystal vases. For example a lead crystal handmade vase was 1750 baht marked down from 3500 baht.

Tip: If going with a group, bring a marker to mark your bags! When you get home you can grab your bags easily.

Here is what I bought at Meyer Outlet in December 2010:
Rachel Ray 8 QT stainless stockpot with lid, 775 baht
Anolon Advanced Ultimate 12-Inch Covered Stir-Fry Pan 2370 baht
Circulon “Total” 5-Quart 12-Inch Sauteuse with Glass Lid 1674 baht
Anolon Advanced 8-Inch Open French Skillet 714 baht
Anolon Garlic Press 340 baht
Anolon Spoon Spatula, silicone 266 baht
Anolon Spatula, silicone 252 baht
Earth Pan II by Farberware 10-Inch Skillet 198 baht


I live in Bangkok and enjoy quilting. I spend a lot of time on the computer, facebook, my blog, emailing and looking for quilt ideas. Hope you like my blog!

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