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#258 Sampeng Lane, Belleboo has cotton fabric at 49 to 89 baht per meter

3 comments on “Belleboo
  1. Anonymous says:

    Hi there! I have quite a few Belleboo fabrics bought on line in England. I love them!! I want to start using them to make doll’s dresses but so I can comply with British toy standards I have to keep a technical file. Could you tell me if your fabrics are tested and awarded OEKO-TEX certificate to class 1 standard? If so would you be willing to email me your certificate so I can have it in my file. I am of course willing to pay a fee for your service. Also, I am a member of an ever growing on line support group (which is recommended by the Conformance Testing group) We are compiling a list of compliant fabrics for toy making and if your fabric is certified, I can add it to the list so I’m sure your sales would increase!! Your fabric is perfect for dolls!!
    Many thanks and best regards


  2. norsiah says:

    Hello,can i know,how can i buy this??i’m from malaysia


  3. lidia says:

    hello.. im lidia from malaysia.
    can u give me contact number this shop..
    want to buy wholesale..


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