Jill C. quilter in Bangkok

Jill C. quilter in Bangkok

I am an American who has lived in Thailand for many years. The wonderful things about Thailand are the people, shopping, fabric, bargains, food, and fun! I started this blog when the ladies in quilt group began gathering information about shops along Sampeng Lane. Soon by group effort we had a map and I decided to put it all online. Since I started this blog in 2007 I have been contacted by many quilters from around the world who need information about quilting in Thailand. It has been great to be the catalyst for so many people to connect with Thailand. Another important part of this blog is the charity quilt patterns. These were made up by Doris and we love them! Do one of these and you will learn to quilt. A lovely lady in quilt group is Khun Tiew who takes in young women who need a home after growing up and leaving the orphanage, and she teaches them to quilt. They can make a quilt to order, or finish a quilt for you. If you would like to help “Our Home”, where the young women live and quilt,  please donate. Thank you very much! Another key part of this is the people of Janome and Elna sewing machines who are getting quilting going in Thailand. They are very creative and have contests and quilt shows. This is the start of a wonderful new era of quilting in Thailand. Welcome to it!

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Thank you Vicki, Teresa, Shirley and Barbara!

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  1. Nattu Hassan says:

    Hey, I stumbled across your blog while searching for a place to buy feathers in Bangkok. Can you recommend me any?
    I make dreamcatchers so I am looking for feathers to decorate them.
    Bright mix of Turkey coquille feathers.


  2. Heer Sharif says:

    Hi Jill, We are a small quilt group based in Pakistan called The piecemaker’s guild. We are interested in the Thailand quilt show in July 2014 and would like some details on how we can exhibit our quilts in this show. Thanks Heer


  3. Heer Sharif says:

    Hi Jill. We are a group of quilters by the name of The Piecemakers Guild from Karachi Pakistan. I would like some information on th Thailand Quilt show being held in july this year.Would like to know if we can enter our quilts?


  4. debtours says:

    Hi Jill,

    I am bringing a group of quilters to Thailand next year. I would love to hire you for your expertise in planning the trip. Please email me so we can discuss. THANKS!


  5. Jan says:

    Hello iv just stumbled on here while looking for Hill-Berg polka dot fabric cotton, and saw someone else looking for Hill berg too, I have tried to get in contact with them but no success. I wanted to get in contact with them as I make Fabric dolls and need to know about their CE certification if possible as I like the fabric very much, its lovely to work with. Your page seems to be very helpful to all that come here and I hope you don’t mind me popping in :) and would love to return if that’s ok .


    • Katrina Mallon says:

      Hi Jan, I am also looking to use Hill Berg Fabrics on t-shirts I am designing and wish to discuss if this will be fine with you. Were you able to touch base with the company?

      Thank you for all your time and I look forward to hearing from you.


  6. Hello Jill,

    I hope you can help me, I am looking for beautiful chinese brocade fabrics. Would you have any idea where in Sampeng or Phahurat that I can find them?

    I love your website, it is my reference when I do my usual shopping. Thank you.


  7. Tanya C says:

    Dear Jill,

    First I wanted to say I love your site, your beautiful quilts and very useful guides.
    My request might sound a bit strange, but I hope you can help me.
    Have you ever seen the fabric, with a Hill-Berg Fabric logo printed on it’s side?
    It’s all 100% cotton, cotton/poplin.Couple of months I am trying to find out the manufacturer
    of this fabric, country,any info but nothing…
    I managed to find out this fabric is shipped to the UK from Thailand, and in Thailand Bangkok
    it’s widely available. Patchwork squares, cut and packed from this fabric in Thailand. It might be Japanese,but
    manufactured in Thailand. Any information about this mysterious Hill-Berg Fabric is much appreciated.
    Maybe you’ve seen this cotton on Sampeng Lane? Big variety of vintage roses,bright retro prints,elephants,love and peace etc.
    Any information about this mysterious Hill-Berg Fabric is much appreciated.
    Thank you so much. Have a lovely day and hope to hear from you.

    Kind Regards

    Tanya C.


  8. lydia says:

    i’m looking for BELLEBOO SHOP and cotton fabrics for children in bangkok, like polka dots, like amy butler or kaffe … I am Lydia from Malaysia and will be leaving for Bangkok in early julai.


    • Shirley G says:

      Hi Lydia, Your enquiry may already have been answered but these are the places I go to.
      Belleboo Shop is at 258 Sampeng Lane, check out Jill’s Sampeng Lane map.
      Could try Kimono Fabric shop, China World Mall in Pahurat for Amy Butler or Kaffe Fassett fabrics, there are also lots of fabric shops in this mall that have stocked polka dot fabrics (all cotton) in the past.


  9. Fernidia says:

    Hi Jill,

    I just found your web site while searching on-line for Diamond/Crystal/Rhinestone/Multi-Diamond Zipper for Fashion Garment. I need a 50 or 100 of those zippers all with open ends, all kind of colors, different sizes with single and double row rhinestones.

    I was wondering if you know of any places in Bangkok that sells this zippers?

    Thanks very much for your kind reply and help

    Fernidia from USA


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