Batik Dyes

Somjai#3Batik dyes are sold at Somjai #3 art supply store across from Poh Chang art college on Tripet Road, near The Old Siam. Johan Batik Colors are cold reactive dyes in powder form. A little plastic 10 gram jar is 55 baht, a larger jar is 400 baht.
It’s on the Nancy Chandler map as “Art Supplies at Somchai’s three stores,” however in Thai it’s written and pronounced Somjai with a “j” sound.
Somjai #3 also has the paper we use for paper piecing quilts. It’s called “kradad bank” meaning “bank paper.” A pack of A4 paper is 110 baht.
Poh Chang art college, Chinatown, Bangkok:Poh Chang Art College

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