Felt, burlap, velcro and more on Sampeng Lane

Rolls of felt are upstairs at the Pahurat market area, where the old escalator is.

Pornsawad Shop, #60-62 Sampeng Lane, near Siam Central Bank at the intersection of Sampeng Lane and Trok Hua Met street, has felt by the meter in 26 different colors. The price is 100 baht per meter. It is 36 inches wide. They also stock lace, lining, lightweight cotton fabric in solid colors, net, burlap, tassels and velcro in many colors.

shop on sampeng

#60-62 Pornsawad Shop

#78 Siri Song Sawad sells polyester quilt batting.

Siri Song Sawad shop

#78 Siri Song Sawad shop

#96 Vibul Kit Ltd. sells sarong fabric which can be used for quilting.  It is run by Adella. We stop by here often to see if new designs are out. Linda can’t go past this shop without buying more fabric!

Vibul Kit

#96 Vibul Kit