Rotary cutters and mats

The JCC Shop, on Narathiwat Road near intersection with Surawong Rd Tel. 02-234-6564, 02-234-8861, 02-235-7773, 02-235-7896, 02-235-9109, 02-235-9215

JCC stationery shop map
The JCC shop carries the Olfa brand rotary cutters and accessories. If you take the BTS Skytrain, get off at the Chong Nonsi station. Walk out exit 4 onto Narathiwat Road. Walk straight ahead and the JCC shop is on your right before Narathiwat Road ends in an intersection with Surawong Road. If you are driving, you can park behind the shop. Unfortunately, the sign for the shop is hidden under the awning. It is almost impossible to see! Just remember it is on Narathiwat Road near the intersection with Surawong. The window of the shop has a giant stapler and stationery items.

PricesMat and rotary cutter

Olfa rotary blades come in boxes of 6 blades and are labeled Olfa spare blade RB45-1. Wholesale price, if you buy several dozen, is about B120 per blade.

12″ X 12″ cutting mat

36″ X 24″ cutting mat B1200

6″ X 12″ quilter’s ruler

6″ X 24″ quilter’s ruler