Thailand Quilt Festival 2010

Thailand Quilt Festival 2010

Thailand Quilt Festival 2010

First time in Thailand!
Sewing and Hobby Event
Quilting Exhibition
Guru Workshop
Sewing and hobby products

4 – 10 October 2010
Lifestyle Hall
2nd floor Paragon

See the work of famous patchwork artists for the first time in Thailand. Quilt classes too! Free motion quilting, applique, magic of texture, and kaleidoscope workshops by Liane Cook. Floating flower applique and animal tote bag workshops by Lakkana Jones.

From Australia:
Liane Cook
Deborah Whittred
Lakkana Jones

From Japan:
Junko Sugahara
Akemi Shibata

From Thailand: Khun Arpanat from Quilts Hut

Quilts from Home of Quilt and much more.

Highlight… SHOP for fabrics and the latest quilt accessories imported from Japan
Free Daily… see a gallery of quilts and crafts such as country dolls, decoupage, working with fabric dye, stencils, paint and more

Official website:

Sewing Lovers Club

Tel. 02 689 8520 ext 116

Lakkana Jones

Lakkana Jones

Liane Cook

Liane Cook


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