Noriko Endo “Naturescape”

Noriko Endo, famous quilt artist from Japan, taught in Bangkok on December 9, 10 and 11, 2011 thanks to Bernina Thailand. We learned to use many tiny pieces of fabric to depict realistic landscapes. It was fun to learn the Confetti technique and make a small oil-painting style quilt. The one-day workshop took place at Central Chidlom in Bangkok.

The day was totally fun and enjoyable. Noriko is a wonderful teacher. From an experience with a previous quilt class, when I got way behind because I didn’t understand the first part, I figured I’d move along quickly this time. So I wasn’t too picky with my naturescape. And in the end I think that was the way to go.

Other hints for confetti are: don’t mix the colors. Notice how each tree is one color. Go right to the edges with the confetti, and don’t layer on too thick. Thinner is easier to quilt. Use prints, silk and any kind of fabric. Use tufts of batting as clouds or water. Background can be batting and let it show through. Or you can lay down a blue strip for sky for example.

Put the first layer of tulle over the background, and use a rough stipple to attach the confetti. Don’t quilt the sky or any place that doesn’t have confetti. Then layer on more confetti for the trees and other details. When you are finished, step back. If the quilt is mostly light fabrics, add dark. Sprinkle pepper! That’s black confetti chopped into dust! Cover with another layer of tulle.

Machine quilt flower shapes, leaves, in metallic thread. It is important to have items in the background, and items in the foreground, with spaces that show through. In my example this perspective part is around the lower tree trunks where it shows through to the background of the forest. Hope you like it!

I highly recommend a class with Noriko. Any picture can be created with the confetti method. I mentioned that I’d do a cat next. She said, use white silk, and embroider and paint the face. Can’t wait to start. Thank you Noriko Endo, we all loved the class in Bangkok.
Get Noriko’s book Confetti Naturescapes