How do you adjust an Overlock Machine?

The stitch length of an overlock machine may vary from 0 to 5 mm (0–0.2 inch). The stitch can be adjusted by turning a dial, moving a lever, or loosening a screw. When sewing medium-weight fabric, use an average stitch length, or 3 mm (about 9 stitches per inch).

How do I adjust my Overlocker?

Practice adjusting the tensions by sewing on a long strip of fabric. Start sewing, and slowly turn the tension dial for one of the threads to a lower number. As you sew, examine the stitches to see the change in tension. The thread that has been adjusted will be slack or loose.

How do you make an Overlocker narrower?

How to create a narrow overlock stitch

  1. Turn off the machine and unplug the power cord.
  2. Remove the left needle.
  3. Thread the machine for a three thread overlock using the right needle. …
  4. Remove the stitch finger. …
  5. Adjust the stitch width for rolled hemming. …
  6. Set the stitch length adjustment lever to R position.

Why does my Overlocker skip stitches?

Machine skips stitches . Insert a new needle – it may be bent or blunt and Insert needle correctly. Wrong needle size – Change needle to correct size for fabric thickness. Check threading – Rethread with care.

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