How do you sew pants in the front pocket?

What is front hip pocket?

Front hip pockets are visibly positioned on the front of the garment connecting at the waist (or any horizontal seam on the front) and a side seam (or an appropriate vertical seam on the front/side of the garment). … The pocket piece becomes part of the garment at the waist, or the horizontal seam it is sewn into.

What is a hip pocket on pants?

Noun. 1. hip pocket – a pocket in rear of trousers. pocket – a small pouch inside a garment for carrying small articles.

Where do you put a patch pocket?

Determine level of pocket placement. Measure from the shoulder seam at crook of neck down to the pocket top at your preferred level. Recommended is about 2 inches below your arm when bent horizontally at the elbow. This can vary with length of jacket and comfort level.

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