What is a top stitch needle?

Topstitching needles feature an extra large eye to accommodate thick thread. They also have an extra sharp point that allows the needle to penetrate easily through multiple layers. A Jeans needle is very similar to a topstitching needle, it shares the extra sharp point and strong shaft.

What size is a top stitch needle?

Topstitch Machine Needle-Size 90/14 5/Pkg.

What does top stitch mean in sewing?

Topstitching is a sewing technique where the line of stitching is designed to be seen from the outside of the garment, either decorative or functional. … Otherwise, topstitching is generally done using a straight stitch with a thread that matches the fashion fabric.

What is the top part of a sewing needle called?

Different Parts of a Sewing Machine Needle with Functions

  • Mayedul Islam. …
  • Sewing Needle: …
  • Butt: It is the truncated conical shape at the top end of the needle which is needed to attach the needle with needle bar or clamp.
  • Shank: Shank is the upper part of the needle which locates within the needle bar.
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Is a top stitch the same as a straight stitch?

A topstitch is a variant of the straight stitch. It’s a decorative stitch but can also be used as a structural stitch. Topstitching is most often seen on garments and bags, but can also be seen on quilts. … Sew your topstitching with your sewing machine and use a straight stitch foot or all-purpose foot.

What are top stitch needles used for?

The Topstitch needle is our favorite needle to use on our home sewing machine. We use this style for quilting, piecing, sewing, and embroidery. A thin layer of titanium nitride makes the Topstitch needle last up to six times longer than a standard needle, thanks to its ability to resist abrasion.

What is a 80 12 needle used for?

Double Eye 80/12 A Universal needle with two eyes, used on wovens and knits. Used with two threads for topstitching, shading and texturing effects and for embroidery. Stretch 75/11, 90/14 The medium ball point, special eye and scarf are specially designed to prevent skipped stitches.

How do you sew with top stitch thread?

Use topstitch thread as your spool only (on top of your machine), with regular thread that matches your fabric in the bobbin. Lengthen the stitches to 3 or 3.5mm to create a straighter-looking line. Press well before topstitching to flatten out the seams.

What is the top of a needle called?

Butt: This is the top end of the needle that is inserted into the machine. The butt features a beveled end to allow for easy insertion into the needle bar.

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What are the parts of a sewing needle?

A sewing machine needle contains the below parts:

  • Butt,
  • Shank,
  • Shoulder,
  • Blade,
  • Long groove,
  • Short groove,
  • Needle eye,
  • Scarf,

What are the different part of sewing machine needle?

A sewing machine needle consists of: shank – clamped by the sewing machine’s needle holder. shoulder – where the thick shank tapers down to the shaft. shaft – a length suitable for driving the eye and thread through the material and down to the bobbin.

Why does my top stitch look like a line?

If the bobbin thread was incorrectly threaded, the upper thread may be too tight. … The upper thread is visible from the lower side of the fabric. The lower thread appears as a straight line on the lower side of the fabric. The stitching on the lower side of the fabric is loose or has slack.