What is an edge stitch footer?

The Singer Edge Stitch Foot is used for stitching in the ditch, edge stitching, as well as joining two edges together. The center guide on the Singer Edge Stitch Foot assures that your stitching stays perfectly straight.

What is edge stitch?

The edge stitch is the line of stitches used to neaten an edge, a seam or to stitch around the edge of a facing to keep the edge nice and flat and looking professional. The stitching distance is usually ⅛ inch (3mm) from the edge.

What does edge finish mean?

edge finishing is a process used to finish the visible edges of plywood panels or multi-ply surfaces by laminating a plastic or wood veneer strip along the edge.

What is the difference between edge stitching and top stitching?

The main difference between edgestitching and topstitching is the proximity to the seam. Where topstitching is one-fourth of an inch away from the seam, edgestitching is one-eighth of an inch. This is usually done to hide the stitch around the waistband, neckline, or binding.

What are the advantages of edge finishes?


  • to neaten the edge of the garment.
  • to secure the edge and prevent fraying and raveling of fabric.
  • to decorate an edge e.g. using bias binding for finishing necklines and armholes.

What are the methods of finishing edges?

4 Seam Finishing Techniques

  • Pinking shears. Pinking shears are serrated scissors that create a zigzag edge. …
  • Bias tape. Bias tape is a narrow strip of fabric that can be folded over an exposed seam to secure and hide the edges. …
  • Serger. …
  • Zigzag stitch.
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