Can you foil quill on wood?

For example, if you want to apply foil to wood, a leather notebook cover, a planner page, or a pre-printed card – the Foil Quill pens give you the flexibility and ability to do that!

Can you use foil quill on wood?

WOOD. Last but not the least is wood. … That means you need to find a thin enough wood that will run through your Cricut machine easily. Just think, though, of the many beautiful signs, boxes, and other wooden projects you’ll be able to make and enhance with your die cutting machine and your Foil Quill.

What materials can you use foil quill on?

You can use the Foil Quill on so many different types of material. You can use it on anything smooth: all of your cardstock, vinyl, leather, vellum, and so on. Just think about how great it would be to use this to add some detail to some leather earrings or to make your own wedding invitations.

Can you use a hot foil pen on wood?

Has anyone tried the foil with an adjustable temp wood burning tool (on paper)? … Yes they work fine with my Excalibur wood burning set.

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Can you use Foil Quill without Cricut?

The Foil Quill comes with attachments for 4 different machines. It works with Cricut, Silhouette, Brother and Sizzix cutting machines. … You can use your Foil Quill with any Cricut that has a pen attachment so the Cricut Maker, Cricut Explore Air 2, Cricut Explore Air and Cricut Explore One will all work.

Can you use a Foil Quill by hand?

The original Foil Quill was designed to work with electronic cutting machines. The Freestyle Pen does not require any specialty cutting machine…you just need your hand!

Does Foil Quill work with Deco?

Similarly to the Minc foil, the Deco Foil didn’t work with the Foil Quill. Deco Foil is also adhesive reactive, making it incompatible with the Foil Quill. You can use Deco Foil with other adhesives, though—they have a ton of options.

Can you use heat activated foil with Cricut?

A foil quill is a heated tool that allows you to “write” in metallic foil using your Cricut or another cutting machine. … The heat will activate the foil creating a gorgeous metallic effect that you really cannot get any other way using a cutting machine.

Does Foil Quill work with Cricut joy?

Yes. Cricut Joy Foil Transfer Tool is integrated with the Cricut Joy app and Design Space for Desktop. Both the Cricut Joy app and Design Space for Desktop software will step you through the process with on-screen prompts to foil and then cut your project.

How do you use a foil quill pen?


  1. Select a surface to foil. …
  2. Cut a piece of foil to match the size of your stamp.
  3. Using washi tape, secure the foil to the notebook.
  4. Stamp the design using permanent ink onto the foil.
  5. Use the foil quill pen to draw over all the stamped lines and color in any spaces.
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Can you use an iron to foil?

“You don’t need to turn the garment over, thanks to the foil, you will only need to iron one side as the foil reflects the heat and will effectively take care of the other side saving you time,” she went on.