How small can embroidered letters be?

The smallest text we can embroider with any accuracy is about 0.20″ (5mm) high. We can make adjustments to your design to compensate for slight variations. Typically, a single line of text can only include about 20 characters and spaces before it requires the text to be split into two lines.

How small is too small for embroidery?

You cannot have letters so small that you are creating stitches that will be stitching on top of each other. This causes holes in the fabric and thread breaks. Your stitch length must be a minimum of 1 millimeter in order for it to sew and not create holes.

How thin can you embroider?

You can embroider smaller text if you use a smaller needle as well as a thinner thread. Typically, embroiderers use a 40-weight thread and a 75/11 needle, but you can try a 60-weight thread and a smaller needle like a 70/10. If you change one, but not the other, you’ll defeat the purpose of this advanced technique.

Which font is best for embroidery?

The 35 Best Font for Embroidery

  • Alfa Slab.
  • Arial B.
  • Bangers.
  • Bebas Neue.
  • Bourton Base.
  • Bungee.
  • Calistoga.
  • Caveat Brush.
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