Is bobbin a word?

Is bobbin a real word?

a reel, cylinder, or spool upon which yarn or thread is wound, as used in spinning, machine sewing, lacemaking, etc.

Whats is the meaning of bobbin?

Definition of bobbin

1a : a cylinder or spindle on which yarn or thread is wound (as in a sewing machine) b : any of various small round devices on which threads are wound for working handmade lace. c : a coil of insulated wire also : the reel it is wound on.

What is another word for bobbin?

What is another word for bobbin?

drum roll
pin quill
ratchet reel
spindle spool
scroll spiral

How do you use bobbin in a sentence?

1) A sewing machine has only one bobbin. 2) I prefer to keep the expression for bobbin lace, or beautiful old needle-point.

What is the meaning of bobbin case?

What is a Bobbin Case? As the name implies, a bobbin case is the part of the machine that holds your bobbin when you are sewing.

What is the definition of a presser foot?

noun. a forked, metal device on a sewing machine used for holding the fabric in place while stitching.

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Who invented the bobbin?

Bobbin driver

Names Invented Picture
Oscillating shuttle 1877 by Lebbeus B. Miller and Phillip Diehl Figure 10 from Miller/Diehl patent 208838, showing oscillating shuttle Shuttle and bobbin from an oscillating shuttle bobbin driver
Oscillating hook ? Hook from an oscillating hook bobbin driver

What is feed dog in sewing machine?

Feed dogs are the little metal teeth that are found inside of your sewing machine’s needle plate. The purpose of the feed dogs is to grab your fabric and feed it through the sewing machine so that you can focus on all of your other sewing needs.

What is needle bar?

Definition of needlebar

: a bar on a sewing or knitting machine for holding the needle or needles.

Where did the word bobbin come from?

Bobbin comes from the French bobine, “small instrument used in sewing,” which shares a Latin root with babble, for the sound it makes while unspooling.

What is another word for spool?

What is another word for spool?

coil cylinder
pin reel
bobbin spindle
roll scroll
spiral bolt

How do you use bestowed in a sentence?

given formally or officially.

  1. The country bestowed its highest medal on the war hero.
  2. The Chancellorship of the University was bestowed upon her in 1992.
  3. The first prize was bestowed upon the winner.
  4. The Queen has bestowed a knighthood on him.
  5. Time spent in study is time well bestowed.