Is goat willow good for weaving?

Goat willow timber is soft and yellow in colour. Unlike most willows, its brittle twigs are not suitable for weaving. The wood burns well and makes a good fuel and charcoal. Sallow wood was often used to make ‘wattle’ – a woven lattice of wooden strips which formed the framework of the walls of houses.

What is the best willow for weaving?

Black Maul is a very forgiving supple willow. You can do virtually anything with it! Dry it with the bark on and use as brown willow, boil it, steam it or strip it (to use as white willow). This willow is held in high regard by weavers and is one of the best types of willow to use in beginners basketry.

Can you use any willow for weaving?

The rule of thumb is that any long thin plant material you can wrap around your wrist once fully without snapping can be woven as a basket. … The willow used mostly in commercial basket weaving in the UK is Black Maul a cultivar of Salix Triandra but most willow is ‘weavable’.

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What willow is used for weaving?

Of the above list only osier willow is best for basket weaving. The varieties Purpurea and Triandra being the most commonly used. Viminalis is also used for larger structures. The willow that is used for weaving is of the plant variety, that grows as a crop and harvested each year, or coppiced.

Is goat willow good for carving?

There are many species, but the most common ones you’ll come across in the UK are goat willow (Salix caprea) and crack willow (Salix fragilis) which is often found near river banks and is pollarded. … Well, the high mosture content means that willow is very soft, pliable and easy to carve in the green.

How do you collect willow for weaving?

Always use clean, sharp pruning shears when harvesting willow rods. Cut the rod at the base of each rod, without cutting into the hard willow stool. Gather the willow rods and bundle them with the cut end together. Allow willow rods to dry before weaving them into a basket.

When should you cut willow for weaving?

Willow is usually cut after leaf fall in late autumn when most energy is stored in the stem for new growth. Cutting can then continue through to early spring, but is best while the plant is still dormant and before buds start to form.

Can you use fresh cut willow for weaving?

If you make something with freshly cut willow be aware that the weaving will loosen as it dries and shrinks, potentially, leaving gaps in the weaving. Ideally, you should wait, say, 6 weeks from cutting before using it to allow dry a little, whilst still being flexible.

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How long do you need to soak willow?

Soaking for too long and it may become slimy, too short a time and the willow will be too rigid still. We have seen a rule of thumb that says soak for one day per foot of length so, four foot lengths of willow should be soaked for four days.

What wood is used for basket weaving?

Bamboo is the prime material for making all sorts of baskets, since it is the main material that is available and suitable for basketry. Other materials that may be used are ratan and hemp palm.

Does goat willow burn well?

whilst goat willow (Salix caprea) is a much harder grained willow – this will take up less space and burn longer. … It’s a really good combination as the willow and pine get the fire going quickly and helps the hard woods and briquettes ignite so they don’t slumber and produce smoke.

Is goat willow good for wildlife?

Also known as the pussy willow, the male catkins of the goat willow look like a cat’s paws. It supports lots of wildlife, including the elusive and regal purple emperor butterfly. Its leaves are hairless above, with a coating of fine grey hairs underneath. … Goat willow can live for up to 300 years.

Can you Pollard goat willow?

Shape prune your goat willow once a year during its dormant season, typically late winter to early spring before the new growth emerges. However, trim off dead, diseased, damaged or crossed branches as soon as you notice them, no matter the season.

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