Is there a tailoring trainer in thrallmar?

Dalinna is a blood elf master tailoring trainer and vendor located at Thrallmar in the Hellfire Peninsula. You will find her on your left after entering the Thrallmar Inn.

Where can I learn tailoring in Outlands?

This can be learned at Shattrath at the Scryer’s Tier; at 43.8, 90.4, inside the building you will find a number of clickable bookcases, each of which is named after a specific profession. Click the bookcase labeled “Tailoring” and you will be able to interact with it as you would with a regular tailoring trainer.

What is a tailor trainer?

A tailoring trainer is an NPC that offers tailors the opportunity to train and learn recipes. In Patch 2.3, Tailoring profession trainers were changed to train up to Artisan level (skill level 300), and any redundant trainers in capitals were changed into simple apprentices without practical function.

Where is the tailoring trainer in Shattrath?

Miralisse is a blood elf tailoring trainer and vendor located on Scryer’s Tier in the neutral Shattrath City. She is inaccessible to those allied with the Aldor.

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Where is the tailor trainer in Northrend?

Tailoring trainers

Landmass Trainer Location
Northrend Benjamin Clegg Howling Fjord
Raenah Borean Tundra
Alexandra McQueen Howling Fjord
Charles Worth Dalaran

Where is the tailoring trainer in Stormwind?

Georgio Bolero is a human artisan tailoring trainer located in the shop Duncan’s Textiles in the Mage Quarter in Stormwind City.

What level do you need to be for 350 tailoring?

To learn a Tailoring Specialization, you must be at least level 60 and have 350 Tailoring. More information on recipes available to the three specializations can be found Tailoring Patterns guide, linked at the end.

Is there a tailoring trainer in Shattrath TBC?


This NPC can be found in Shattrath City (4).

Where is the tailoring trainer in Honor Hold?

Hama is a draenei tailoring trainer and vendor located at Honor Hold in the Hellfire Peninsula. She can be found on the second floor of the inn.

Is there a tailoring trainer in Brill?

Bowen Brisboise is located at the Cold Hearth Manor in Tirisfal Glades, at the farmstead west of Brill (52.6, 55.6).

Where can I learn 300 375 tailoring?

TBC Tailoring Trainers (300-375)

You can learn the new TBC Tailoring skill from the Master Tailoring trainers at Outland. Horde: Dalinna in Hellfire Peninsula at Thrallmar.

Is there an AH in Shattrath?

Auctioneer Itoran

This NPC can be found in Shattrath City (3).

How do I get Northrend Tailoring?

Northrend Tailoring Trainers

  1. Raenah in Borean Tundra at Warsong Hold. She’s on the 2nd floor of Warsong Hold, standing across from the bottom of the elevator. …
  2. Darin Goodstitch in Borean Tundra at Valiance Keep. …
  3. Alexandra McQueen in Howling Fjord at Vengeance Landing. …
  4. Benjamin Clegg in Howling Fjord at Valgarde.
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What is Northrend Tailoring?

Instant. Allows a tailor to make basic cloth armors up to a maximum potential skill of 75. Requires cloth found on humanoids.

How do I get Legion Tailoring?

To learn Tailoring in Legion, talk to Tanithria in the Tailoring building in Legion Dalaran and complete Sew It Begins. With Legion Tailor, your skill goes from 1-800 and you do not need to return to train higher ranks. Profession world quests require, Uniting the Isles, level 110, and skill level 100.