Quick Answer: How do you make sure a crochet hat fits?

How do you measure your head for a crochet hat?


  1. Head Circumference: wrap the tape measure around the head, resting it in the middle of the forehead.
  2. Hat Length: place the end of the tape measure on the top, center of the head and run it down the side to the base of the ear.

How do you size a beanie?

To measure your head circumference, wrap a tape measure around the widest part of your head – over your hair, from your forehead, above your ears and around the back, then round to the front again. Make sure the tape measure is snug – a Hat should fit snuggly; not too tight or too loose.

How do you make a crochet hat smaller?

Suggestions for How to Resize a Hat:

  1. Wash and Dry in High Heat. Just like other pieces of clothing, you can wash and dry your crocheted projects in high heat in order to help them shrink. …
  2. Surface Crochet on the Finished Product. …
  3. Add a Pull String. …
  4. Add Elastic. …
  5. Take Out a Few Rounds. …
  6. Take it Apart and Redo It.

What is hat crown size?

The hat crown is measured from the bottom of the hat band, located directly in the middle of the crease, to the middle dip of the crown. Changing the size to be either shorter or taller will depend of the stature of the person. Women tend to go shorter in crown height so the hat in not overwhelming in size.

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What size is a beanie hat?

Crochet Hat Sizing Chart

Size Circumference Crown*
Child 20″ (51cm) 6.5″ (16.5cm)
Teen 21″ (53cm) 7″ (18cm)
Small Adult 22″ (56cm) 7.5″ (19cm)
Large Adult 23″ (58cm) 8″ (20cm)

Do Beanies have a size?

Beanie size = circuit of the head. … When selecting your beanie you should choose one cm smaller one then actual measurement / child`s head circuit in centimeters shows f. ex the head has a 49cm you should choose size 48 / 50cm. The circuit is measured from the front/ forehead, behind the ears then up to the neck.

Why do my crochet hats stretch?

It could be that your tension is loose. Once an item is used/worn the stitches always will pull apart a little bit. If tension is loose, there is more “give” to the stitches and thus you get the stretching.