Quick Answer: What has seamless knitting technology offered knitwear consumers?

Seamless knitting technology creates one entire complete garment with minimal or no cutting and sewing process. This innovative technology eliminates post labor work, which saves production time and cost. In addition, the technology offers knitwear consumers more comfort and better fit by eliminating seams.

What knitting technologies are the most productive methods in the knitting industry?

Circular knitting technologies are the most productive methods in the knitting industry. Recently, renowned machinery companies have been developing modern circular knitting machines with a high efficiency production rate and the ability to create special properties in the produced fabrics.

What is knitwear used for?

Knitted fabric is a textile that results from knitting, the process of inter-looping of yarns or inter-meshing of loops. Its properties are distinct from woven fabric in that it is more flexible and can be more readily constructed into smaller pieces, making it ideal for socks and hats.

When was the knitting technology has been playing a very vital role in our lifestyle?

Foreword. The knitting technology has been playing a very vital role in our life style since 1000 B.C. It not only produces fabrics and shaped garments for apparel and household purposes but also for various technical end applications.

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What are seamless garments?

Seamless garments are a special kind of knitted product produced from sewing stitches along the neck, waist, or hip lines. As high-end knitted products, seamless garments have entered the mainstream knitwear market.

What is 3D knitting technology?

3D knitting takes a digital design and turns it into a piece of clothing. In its simplest form, you download a pattern from the internet and size it digitally to fit the person it is intended for. … These 3D knitting machines are becoming an open technology, which promises to lead to further innovation.

What is knitting Slideshare?

Knitting • Knitting is a process of manufacturing a fabric by inter looping of yarns. • Knitting is the second most important method of fabric formation. • It can be defined as a needle technique of fabric formation, in which, with the help of knitting needles , loops are formed to make a fabric or garment.

What is knitwear made of?

Knits come in the same variety of fiber contents as woven: 100% cotton, 100% polyester, cotton/polyester blends, cotton/spandex blends, wool, nylon, rayon, etc. I’m personally quite fond of the cotton/spandex or cotton/lycra blends.

Why is knitwear popular?

The growing popularity of knitwear is down to the fact that it offers a superior quality, with flexibility, thickness, strength and durability, making clothes that will last for years and years (as long as they are cared for properly), and providing softness, comfort and warmth.

What is knitwear design?

What is Knitwear Design? Mostly done with wool and yarn, knitwear design is a form of design that gives knitted apparel the end result. Knitwear designing courses teach about technology, manufacturing, stitching, pattern-making, trend analysis, forecasting, sketching of cloth, production of cloth, etc.

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When was knitting popular?

The 1920s saw a vast increase in the popularity of knitwear in much of the western world. Knitwear, especially sweaters/pullovers became an essential part of the new fashions of the age for men, women and children, rather than mostly practical garments often associated with particular occupations (e.g., fishermen).

Who invented hand knitting?

Hand knitting history – The earliest known knitted items found in Europe; made by Muslims employed by the Spanish Christian Royal Families in the 13th century AD. Their ability to make high quality knitted goods like cushion covers and gloves are visible in several tombs in a Monastery in Spain.

Who invented knitting and crocheting?

Research suggests that crochet probably developed most directly from Chinese needlework, a very ancient form of embroidery known in Turkey, India, Persia and North Africa, which reached Europe in the 1700s and was referred to as “tambouring,” from the French “tambour” or drum.

What is seamless knitting?

Seamless knitting, or complete knitting, which produces one entire complete garment without a sewing or linking process, provides a variety of advantages in knitting production such as savings in cost and time, higher productivity, quick response production and other advantages.

What are seamless tops?

What Are Seamless T-Shirts? Seamless clothing is created with a single and continuous knitting process which eliminates any seams in the manufacturing process. In the no seam structure, there are no sleeves and necklines. All are put together in a single go. … No seams provide better fit and comfort.

How does seamless garment reduce product failure?

Fewer product failure: Most of the garment failures are due to seam failure the seamless garment doesn’t have the seam, so that garment failure is also very less. Engineered features like comfort, fit, and ventilation we can obtain from this technology.

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