What does knit up mean in knitting?

1a : to tie up : secure, unite. b : to make or repair by knitting knit-up several pairs of Christmas mittens knit a torn sleeve up.

Is knit up the same as pick up?

“Pick up and knit” means this: to use a needle to pull new loops of the working yarn through an existing piece of fabric, usually along an edge. “Picking up and knitting” is more commonly done than plain old “picking up”. … Use a smaller needle when picking up and knitting, also.

What does it mean when it says pick up and knit?

When we say to pick up and knit, we mean to use yarn to “knit up” stitches along the edge. You are to grab the stitch (or some other loop) at the edge of the work with the working needle, wrap the working yarn around it, and pull the yarn through, completing it like a normal stitch.

How do you pick up a row of knitting stitches?

Picking up stitches

  1. Let us walk through how to pick up stitches. …
  2. Work with the right side facing you, working from right to left as if you were to knit a row. …
  3. Wrap the new yarn around the needle. …
  4. Scoop the needle towards you – you now have a stitch on your needle. …
  5. Repeat this along the edge.
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How do you pick up and knit with right side facing?

As a general rule, when picking up stitches you will either pick up perpendicularly from the side edge of a knitted fabric (which is comprised of rows), or from a bind-off or cast-on edge (which is comprised of stitches, and from which your new knitting will flow in the same direction, stitch for stitch).