What does Spike mean in crochet?

A spike happens when you form a single crochet same stitch, but work it two, three, or four rows below. Different lengths of the stitch can then be combined in a variety of ways to make fun, geometric designs.

What is Spike SC?

The spike stitch is worked using the same steps as a single crochet stitch, but instead of working into the current row where you are crocheting, you drop down and work it into a row below that current row. … For example, you might work three single crochet, then a spike stitch and repeat that pattern across the row.

What is a spike double crochet?

Spike stitches are usually made with either double (USA – single) crochet or treble (USA – double) crochet stitches. The spike being made by inserting the hook into a stitch (or chain space) the row (or several rows) below the row currently being worked.

What does SPsc mean in crochet?

20150326. The Spike single crochet stitch (SPsc in American abbreviations) is probably the easiest decorative stitch in crochet. It is almost the same as single crochet but placed one or more rounds below the working round. Using it you can make the most simple projects to look unique.

What is SCSp in crochet?

The Spike Stitch In Written Patterns

For example some patterns abbreviate the single crochet spike stitch as SCSp.

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