What is a Hdss in crochet?

What does HDC 2 mean?

The half double crochet two together (also known as Hdc2tog) is a half double crochet decrease method that helps you decrease the amount of stitches from your pattern.

What is Hdcslst?

This stitch is a combination of a half double crochet and a slip stitch and is called half double crochet slip stitch (hdc-slst). I use this stitch in my easy three color pillow and other projects. …

What is DC BLO?

Half Double Crochet In The Back Loop Only (HDC BLO)

What does HDC Flo mean in crochet?

Half Double Crochet In The Front Loop Only (HDC FLO)

What does HDC 3 mean?

Half Double Crochet Three Together (Hdc3tog)

What does BLO mean in crochet?

Crocheting through the back loop only (blo) is used in patterns for a variety of reasons — to help keep your stitches aligned in Fair Isle crochet, to join pieces on amigurumi projects, even to add a purely decorative touch.

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