What is Wave stitch?

The wave stitch is a composite stitch that is made along two horizontal (guide) lines. First a series of short vertical stitches is made along the top line. Then a thread is woven through these stitches and stitched into the ground material, along the bottom line and in the middle between two of these stitches.

What is Wave stitch on sewing machine?

Exclusive Wave Stitch

Simply change the dial from ‘OVERLOCK’ to ‘WAVE’ and thread the machine with decorative threads to create a beautiful decorative stitch. It can be sewn as a 3-thread wave and reverse wave stitch or a rolled hem, and is a distinctive edging stitch.

Where is wave stitch used?

Use this stitch to embellish your sewing projects with a single row, multiple rows, or even in combination with other decorative stitches. For machine models with adjustable stitch length and/or stitch width, try various stitch length and/or width adjustments to change the look of the stitch as desired.

What is Wave stitch in knitting?

The Wave Stitch is fun to knit and it’s ideal for lightweight throws and shawls. … It’s created using a series of knit stitches and YO (yarn overs). If you’re unfamiliar with YO, it is a technique in which the yarn is passed over the right-hand knitting needle.

What is a wave stitch crochet?

The crochet wave stitch is a pretty simple stitch pattern. It produces a neat wavy and 3-dimensional (3D) look to the fabric. I like using this stitch pattern in blankets, scarves, shawls, and handbags. It would also make a nice stitch for a garment such as a sweater, cardigan, and more.

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Which Babylock Sergers have the wave stitch?

The Wave Stitch is a fun, decorative stitch featured on the Baby Lock Enlighten, Evolution, and Ovation sergers. Learn how to thread the Enlighten to create this unique look.