Best answer: How do you drop a stitch?

What does it mean to drop stitches?

Definition of drop a stitch

: to let a loop fall off a knitting needle.

How do you drop a stitch without leaving a hole in it?

To do this, insert the right-hand needle into the first stitch and slip it to the right-hand needle without knitting it. Knit the next stitch. With the tip of the left-hand needle pass the slipped stitch over the second stitch. You’ve now worked a decrease and have one less stitch.

How do I know if my stitches have dropped?

The telltale sign of a dropped stitch is a horizontal strand of yarn that isn’t pulled through a loop. You can identify a dropped stitch a couple ways. If the dropped stitch hasn’t unraveled far or if you just recently dropped it, you should see a horizontal yarn that didn’t get pulled through.

What do you do at the end of a row of knitting?

When you get to the end of the row, the needle with the stitches is in your right hand and the empty needle is in the left. To keep going, of course, you turn the knitting over, switch the needle with the stitches to your left hand and the empty needle to your right and keep on knitting.

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