How do you do I cord in knitting?

How many stitches are in an I-Cord?

I-cord generally uses somewhere between 3-5 stitches. After you’ve cast on, knit your first row of stitches, but then don’t turn your work. Instead, slide your stitches to the other end of the needle they’re on.

How do you make an i cord?


  1. Cast on the number of stitches desired or called for by a pattern with double pointed needles. …
  2. Knit one row. …
  3. Slide the stitches to the other end of the needle.
  4. Knit a second row by bringing the yarn behind the work and starting with the first stitch. …
  5. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until desired length is achieved.

What are I cords used for?

I-cord is a good skill for every knitter and has a multitude of uses. It can be used as a drawstring, a decorative ribbon, closures for a sweater or a bag, or even jeweller on it’s own! The product we’re making in this video is the Knitting Me Softly necklace.

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