How do you do mattress stitch on knit toys?

Use mattress/ladder stitch (invisible seaming) to join pieces together where possible, as this method of sewing up gives the neatest seams. Place the two edges together, right sides upwards, and starting at the cast-on edge, take the yarn underneath the strand beside the edge stitch at one side and then the other.

What’s a mattress stitch in knitting?

The principles of mattress stitch are very simple, you work in the direction that the piece was knitted in and join the pieces together with right sides facing you, by sewing through one bar between stitches on one side of a seam and then a corresponding bar on the opposite side of the seam.

What does Oversew in knitting mean?

Oversewing is a way of seaming like whip stitch. Back stitch will also work as well for a seam on small pieces like dolls.

What are Neatening stitches?

NEATENING STITCHES. In tailoring and design, neatening stitches are used functionally to secure hems and turnings and to prevent raw edges from fraying. Fraying is the unraveling of threads in a cloth, forming loose threads at the edge or end.

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