How do you measure for crochet boot cuffs?

How long should boot cuffs be?

When wearing your boot cuffs, it’s important to have them perfectly positioned on your leg. Although they will fit slightly differently on everyone, we suggest to have 1-2 inches of cuff/sock peeking above the top of your boot.

How do you use boot cuffs?

Boot cuffs can be worn with any of the shoes seen below. Tip: Position them so the top 1-2 inches of the cuff peaks out above the boot. Any of the below tops would be adorable pieces to pair your boot cuffs + jeans with. Our other favorite tops include oversized sweaters, plain t-shirts, and military jackets.

What is a crochet boot cuff?

These boot cuffs are a really great project, they look super cute and the best part is they are easy to make! These crochet warmers are made with a simple half double crochet stitch. Stitching in the back of the stitch gives the cool ribbed look, making them look like knitted boot warmers.

What are boot cuffs for?

Boot cuffs, also called boot toppers, make it easy to achieve the look of wearing a chunky knit sock without the added bulk. If most of your boots are on the tighter side, boot cuffs are an easy solution to your fashion woes!

What are boot toppers?

Boot toppers, also known as boot cuffs are know for keeping you warm and adding a touch of personal style to your look. Boot toppers are mostly worm in the winner and cold weather months.

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