How many onesies does it take to make a blanket?

What I ended up with: 5.5″ squares sewn down to 5″ 7 squares across, 6 squares down = 42 total (minimum 21 items of clothing) 30″ x 35″ blanket.

How many onesies do I need to make a quilt?

To make a full size onesie quilt with 8×8″ panels (40″ x 48″) you will need the following: 30 items of clothing. 40″ x 48″ of backing.

How many baby clothes do I need for a quilt?

Generally, you need about 15 outifts or pieces of clothing for the smallest size quilt, but for our most popular baby clothes quilt sizes 30-40 outfits is the norm.

How do you make a shirt onesie?


  1. If you are making your onesie from a large shirt.
  2. Start with a onesie that fits your baby now.
  3. Lay it on top of the t-shirt, being sure that the neckline is centered.
  4. Next cut about an 1″ outside of the lines so you have seam allowance.
  5. Follow the lines of the back underwear panel of the onesie.

How do you make a blanket out of old clothes?

One of the most common ways to quilt with old clothes is to cut some shirts (like a child’s sports jerseys from over the years) into DIY blocks and work them into a patchwork design. They make great gifts, and all you have to do is press your shirts and cut them into the basic shapes needed for any quilt pattern.

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What can you do with old baby blankets?

5 Ways to Upcycle Baby Blankets

  1. Turn your baby blanket into a pillow. Fold that small blanket in half, sew around the edges leaving a small opening and stuff with PolyFil. …
  2. Turn gauze swaddling blankets into pajamas. …
  3. Turn them into a basket. …
  4. Turn them into a bed caddy. …
  5. Turn them into car seat covers.

What can I make from old baby clothes?

I really love the idea of upcycling baby clothes into something that they can keep with them for years.

  • Onesie Polka Dot Elephant. …
  • Baby Clothing Memory Bear. …
  • Baby Clothing Memory Quilt. …
  • Baby Clothes Pillow. …
  • Baby Clothing Ribbon Block. …
  • Upcycled Baby Clothing Headbands. …
  • Learning Activity Book. …
  • Baby Onesie Christmas Stocking.

What is a memory quilt?

A memory quilt celebrates the life of a loved one you have lost. Before you have a quilt made, learn about some of the costs that go into making a memory quilt. With this knowledge, you will be able to choose a quilt maker based on your wants and budget.

Can I make a quilt with different types of fabric?

Absolutely! Many “greats” in the quilting world mix fiber types within a project to increase the interest, texture, and overall design of the project. Remember, there are no quilting police and your quilt will be just as beautiful and interesting as your choices of fabrics and fibers allow.