What does dc1 mean in crochet?

Additional comment actions. 1 dc in next 12 stitches. Then alternate 1 dc and 2 dc in next 12 stitches (18 stitches over 12), then 1 dc in next 12 stitches. The row right before should have 36 stitches.

What does DC2TOG across the rounds mean?

dc2tog = double crochet 2 together. This is also a decrease, but with double crochet stitches.

What does 3dc mean in crochet?

3dc. (Insert hook in stitch, yoh and pull a loop through so that you have 2 loops on the hook. Yoh and pull through the 2 loops on the hook) three times. Double Crochet 4 Increase.

What does Toft mean in a place name?

In Old Danish and as an ending in place names, toft means ‘area withheld from the common village community,’ but as early as the Middle Ages, the specialized meaning ‘area to be used for the individual villager’s houses and kitchen garden and withheld from the village community’ is found.

What is Toft yarn?

A gorgeously soft double knitting weight pure wool yarn, spun in the UK. TOFT’s pure wool range is seriously luxurious, spun in Yorkshire from only the finest handpicked fleeces to ensure a very soft and silky yarn with a wonderful lustre and handle.

What is dc3tog?

0 Comments. The double crochet three together (dc3tog) technique among others is used to create decreases in crochet to eliminate one or more stitches. An external decrease is worked at the beginning or end of a row, at the side edge.

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What does SBN mean in Russian crochet?

single crochet. столбик без накида (СБН or ст. б/н)

What does Pb mean in crochet?

Help! A Pattern in Spanish

Spanish Abbreviation English (US)
Punto raso, punto corredizo, punto enano pe Slip Stitch
Punto bajo pb Single crochet
Punto medio alto pma Half double crochet
Punto alto pa Double crochet

What does SP mean in crochet?

In short, sp means space. It is sometimes shown as sp(s), which means spaces. You also may see ch-sp, which means chain space. Sp or sp(s) means you will crochet into the space between stitches. Ch-sp means, when crocheting a chain, you will skip a stitch and work into the next.