What does Scfl mean in crochet?

Scfl = Single crochet in front loop.

What is a loop in crochet?

It means that you are wrapping your working yarn around your crochet hook and drawing it through the crochet work to create a loop on your hook. That’s it. It’s simple – you are literally “drawing up a loop”, through the work – a loop that you have created from yarn.

What does crochet in third loop mean?

What does HDC in the 3rd loop look like? Crocheting in the 3rd loop of a hdc stitch pushes the top of the stitch forward so that the front and back loops of your stitch, which normally sit at the top are now visible at the front (or back) of the stitch. It creates a horizontal ridge of “v” shapes.

What is the back loop of a crochet chain?

The back ridge loop is the loop in the middle of the stitch on the back side of the chain. The chain is generally the first stitch a new crocheter learns. It’s easy to make, but it does take practice in order to work consistently. Chains that are the same size will give your fabric a nice even edge.

What is top loop only in crochet?

The front loop is the top loop of a stitch that is nearest to you when you hold your work. In crochet patterns you will come across instructions like front loop only (flo), this means you insert your hook into this loop only. This will create a ridge on the wrong side of your work. ​

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What does Flo and Blo mean in crochet?

When you learn how to crochet, you are instructed to insert your crochet hook through both loops of a stitch. This is traditional crochet. … This is called “front loop only” (FLO) or “back loop only” (BLO) crochet, depending on which stitch you are working into.

What does SS mean in crochet?

Abbreviation: ss. Slip stitch is a versatile stitch that is handy for joining stitches.