What is parting bead used for?

A long narrow strip between the upper and lower sashes in a double-hung window frame, enabling them to slide past each other; also called parting stop, parting strip.

What is parting bead Moulding?

Description. Parting Bead, the small trim piece installed above the Casing legs and below the lumber Header on both doors and windows.

What is a parting bead in a sash window?

Staff and Parting beads are a simple but very effective way of draught-proofing and weather-sealing a sliding sash window. Traditionally manufactured in timber, the parting bead is used between the sashes and the staff bead on the inside perimeter.

What is a parting strip?

Definition of parting strip

: a thin piece used to separate two adjoining members in a sash window: a or parting bead : a thin strip of wood let into the pulley stile to keep the sashes apart.

What is a window parting stop?

Definition of parting stop

: a piece of wood separating the top and bottom sashes in a double-hung window.

What does bead window mean?

Every window in your home will be either internally or externally beaded. ‘Beading’ refers to a strip of timber, plastic or aluminium (glazing bead) that is applied to the edge of a window pane to hold it in place within the frame.

What are glazing beads?

The glazing bead is the strip on a window panel inside the window frame. It holds and supports the pane of glass and can easily be removed to replace damaged glass.

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How do you remove wooden beads from a window?

The wooden beading can be removed using a sharpened screwdriver or chisel. This should be entered between the beading and the frame NOT between the beading and the glass. Gentle levering will generally get it to come off.