What is the maximum width of a stringer bead?

For example, one could define a stringer bead as a weld bead not wider than 3/8 inches, and one could limit weave width for weave beads to weld beads not wider than 3/4 inches.

What is the maximum width of a weaving bead?

The maximum bead width should be limited to 3/8 in. (10 mm). As a minimum, one complete circumferential bead should be completed before stopping or interrupting the welding sequence.

How wide should a stringer bead be?

The stringer bead is two to three times as wide as the electrode diameter. A weave bead should not be wider than six times the electrode diameter. Stringer Bead 3/8 in.

How wide can a weld be?

1-2010, the maximum size of a single pass fillet in the vertical position is 1/2 inch. the maximum size low hydrogen electrode is 5/32 inch. A few quick calculations indicates the width of weld face of the single pass fillet weld is 0.707 inches.

How big is a weld bead?

Minimum Fillet Weld Size per AWS D1. 1 Table

Base metal thickness (T) a Minimum size of fillet weld b
in mm in
T T 1/8 c
1/4 6 3/16
1/2 12 1/4
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What is the max width of a cover pass?

The structural welding code/steel limits the maximum low hydrogen electrode diameter to 5/32 inch. Based on the leg dimension, the width of the fillet face should be on the order of 0.7 inches. Remember, this is a single pass weld.

How much should stringer beads overlap on a filler pass?

Filler passes are made with Stringer beads or weave beads. They should overlap enough so that the finished bead is smooth. Stringer beads usually overlap about 50% and weave beads overlap approximately 25%. Each weld bead must be cleaned before the next bead it started.

Do overlaps and undercuts strengthen a weld?

Undercutting is the result of welding with excessive current, traveling too fast, or using an improper work angle. … Overlap occurs when the weld pool runs down to the lower side of the bead and solidifies on the surface without actually penetrating the base metal. True. Overlaps and undercuts strengthen a weld.

How wide should a MIG weld be?

030-inch diameter makes a good all-around choice for welding a wide range of metal thicknesses in home and motorsports applications. For welding thinner material, use a . 023-inch wire to reduce heat input.

What is a weld profile?

Weld profile represents the overall geometric con- figuration of the weld bead. Two acceptable weld profiles, according to the AWS Structural Welding Code,’ are shown in Fig. 2. Note that both of the weld profiles result in the same weld size, as indicated by the inscribed triangle.

What is the maximum reinforcement on a groove weld?

The maximum reinforcement is 1/8 for all groove welds under AWS D1. 1. The width of the finished weld is not addressed and is influenced by the groove angle and root opening.

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What is weld toe?

The junction of the weld face and the base metal.

How do you measure a weld bead?

Fillet weld sizes are measured by the length of the legs of the largest right triangle that may be inscribed within the fillet weld cross section.

What is the minimum weld size?

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Base metal thickness (T)a Minimum size of fillet weldb
in mm in
1/4 6 3/16
1/2 12 1/4
¾ 20 5/16