What is the plural of cross stitch?

cross–stitch /ˈkrɑːsˌstɪtʃ/ noun. plural cross–stitches. cross–stitch. /ˈkrɑːsˌstɪtʃ/ plural cross–stitches.

What is a plural form of stitch?

stitch. Plural. stitches. The plural form of stitch; more than one (kind of) stitch.

What do you call someone who cross stitches?

Cross-stitcher meaning

Someone who does cross-stitch. noun.

Is cross stitching a word?

a stitch in which pairs of diagonal stitches of the same length cross each other in the middle to form an X. embroidery or needlepoint done with this stitch. to work in cross-stitch.

What is belief plural?

belief /bəˈliːf/ noun. plural beliefs.

What is the plural of fish?

See the full definition for fish in the English Language Learners Dictionary. fish. noun. ˈfish plural fish or fishes.

What is frog in cross stitch?

Frog / Frogging – when you’ve made a mistake and have to cut out and remove/rip out some of your stitches – comes from the sound frogs make ‘ribbit ribbit’ sounding like ‘rip it rip it! ‘

What does ecru mean in cross stitch?

ECRU comes from the French word “écru” which means raw or unbleached. This is a massive clue. Cotton is taken from the fields and turned into threads, the color those threads start, before they are processed to add color, is ECRU.

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What does DMC stand for in cross stitch?

www.dmc.com. Dollfus-Mieg et Compagnie (abbreviated as DMC), is an Alsatian textile company created in Mulhouse, France in 1746 by Jean-Henri Dollfus. During the twentieth century, it was one of the largest European textile and industry groups. DMC was the owner and then shareholder of the Ronchamp coal mines.

Is it cross-stitch or cross-stitch?

Cross-stitch is a form of sewing and a popular form of counted-thread embroidery in which X-shaped stitches in a tiled, raster-like pattern are used to form a picture. … This form of cross-stitch is also called counted cross-stitch in order to distinguish it from other forms of cross-stitch.

Is cross-stitch embroidery?

Cross-stitch is a type of hand embroidery, and it’s simple for beginners. … The stitches form tiles that come together to create a pattern. Since the stitches create a boxy look, cross-stitch is good for printing slogans and other simple designs. The pattern lays flatter than needlepoint.

What is split stitch?

Definition of split stitch

: a fine chain stitch for outlining that is formed by bringing the needle through a soft thread.

What is safe in plural?

3 safe /ˈseɪf/ noun. plural safes.

What is Elf plural?

The preferred plural of elf is elves, following the grammar of shelf and shelves or wolf and wolves. … Modern use of the word elf almost always shows up in the plural as elves, with the spelling elfs turning up on infrequent occasions: Size doesn’t matter much in the world of elves.

What is the plural form of Oasis?

noun. oa·​sis | ō-ˈā-səs plural oases ō-​ˈā-​ˌsēz Essential Meaning of oasis. 1 : an area in a desert where there is water and plants a desert oasis.

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