What is the synonym of the word yarn?

ˈjɑːrn) A fine cord of twisted fibers (of cotton or silk or wool or nylon etc.) used in sewing and weaving. Antonyms. disarrange nonmetallic unweave dislike untie stay in place wake. suture pile woof metallic floss.

What is yarn called in English?

Middle School Level. noun. thread made of natural or synthetic fibers and used for knitting and weaving. a continuous strand or thread made from glass, metal, plastic, etc. the thread, in the form of a loosely twisted aggregate of fibers, as of hemp, of which rope is made (rope yarn ).

What is the synonym of string?

twine, cord, yarn, thread, strand, fibre. rope, cable, line, wire, ligature, thong, hawser.

What is the Old English word for yarn?

Yarn is made from fibers, and it comes in many colors. … The Old English root word, gearn, means “spun fibers,” but it comes from the Proto-Indo-European ghere, or “intestine.”

What is the synonym of worsted?

disappointed. adjectivelet down, saddened. aghast. balked.

What is your yarn?

The thread that is used for embroidery or in sewing machines, as well as yarn (commonly known as balls-of-wool) used in crafts such as knitting or crocheting, are long lengths that are bought as yarns. The alternative would be a yarn which is then knitted or woven into a fabric.

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Is yarn a slang word?

4 definitions

It means to have a chat, a discussion, generally very informal. Often had among friends, neighbours, associates. Example: I ran into old Suze down the shops, we had a good yarn, she told me all about how her boys have moved away now.

Which synonym would best replace the word string?

synonyms for string

  • cord.
  • rope.
  • strand.
  • twine.
  • twist.

Why are strings called strings?

Why are “strings” called “strings” in programming? Because a string is a “string of characters” or in programming terms, an array of characters. A string is generally not a single object, but rather an array of characters that make a whole.

What is the antonym of string?

Antonyms: unstring. Synonyms: strand, bowed stringed instrument, cosmic string, train, twine, chain, drawing string, drawstring. drawstring, drawing string, stringnoun.

Where did the term yarn come from?

Etymology. The word yarn comes from Middle English, from the Old English gearn, akin to Old High German’s garn, “yarn”, Dutch’s “garen”, Italian’s chordē, “string”, and Sanskrit’s hira, “band”.

What is yarn short answer?

Explanation: Yarn is a long, continuous length of fibers that have been spun or felted together. Yarn is used to make cloth by knitting, crocheting or weaving. Yarn is sold in the shape called a skein to prevent the yarn from becoming tangled or knotted.

What is the plural of yarn?

(jɑːʳn ) Word forms: plural yarns.

What is the opposite of worsted?

▲ (usually “worsted”) Opposite of past tense for to defeat or beat. lost. bowed. succumbed.

What is another word for making something worse?

Worsen, intensify, aggravate and compound are similar, but exacerbate has the sense of an irritant being added in to make something bad even worse.

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Is worster a word?

Worster is a comparative adjective, an alteration of the word worst, between it and worstest in scale.