Where does the word bobbins come from?

Bobbin comes from the French bobine, “small instrument used in sewing,” which shares a Latin root with babble, for the sound it makes while unspooling.

What is bobbins slang for?

(plural) British slang matter that is worthless or of inferior quality; rubbish.

What does Nowty mean in slang?

“Nowty meaning grumpy or grouchy,” added Northern Soul writer, Claire Fleetneedle.

Why are glasses called gigs?

Gigs travelling at night would normally carry two oil lamps with thick glass, known as gig-lamps. This caused the formerly common slang word “giglamps” for “spectacles”.

What is a POW slap?

A pow – a haircut. A powslap – a slap on the back of your head when you have a new haircut.

What does Bazzin mean?

a shiny cotton fabric that is popular in Mali. Hand-dyed polished cotton — called bazin — is the mainstay of Malian fashion.

What does Brew mean in England?

[ C usually singular ] UK informal. a drink of tea or a drink of beer: Make us a brew, Bren.

What does Lothered mean?

clempt=hungry, chauv=to annoy someone, lothered=sweating, gradely folk=nice people, and at a chippy in walkden I heard a bloke say: “babbies yed and pey wet un a smack bottom” = steak pudding and pea juice and a scollop(potato fritter) and an oven bottom(large flat barmcake). From H, Sale.

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What do Scottish people call glasses?

Scottish Word: Cadge.

What does gig mean in the military?

gig is “general inspection grade” getting called out for not meeting the standard (grade) expected of military personnel to be able to pass inspection is too be gigged. This can apply to equipment,actions,lack of action or general deportment.

What is the meaning of GEGS?

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What is fresh pow?

Pow is simply powder, the fresh fluffy and non-groomed snow you find off-piste.

What does pow pow mean in English?

/pɑʊ/ (a word representing) a sudden loud noise, as that of an explosion or of a gun being fired: All of a sudden we heard pow! pow! pow!