Your question: What is the main difference between the immigrant contribution and a quilt of a country?

What is the story the immigrant contribution?

The Immigrant Contribution is a story written to show the reader all the things Immigrants have done for us as a whole and how we should appreciate the things they do for us because some of the things that need to be done that we are not willing to do willow done by immigrants maybe to get some money to provide for …

What is the message of a quilt of a Country?

The theme of a Quilt if a Country is that we need to work together with others for the good of the country. When America works week together, it is a wonder. It stands for something special in the world because it has managed to stay together as a whole rather than splitting up because of cultural differences.

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What does it mean to be American According to a quilt of a Country?

According to “A Quilt of a Country,” how is the United States similar to a quilt? … Americans accept new immigrants because they are a reminder of how Americans’ immigrant ancestors adapted to American life. An antonym is a word that means nearly the opposite of another word.

Which of the following statements best express the central idea of the immigrant contribution?

Which of the following statements best expresses the central idea of “The Immigrant Contribution”? a) Immigration is a core part of American society and an expression of the nation’s values. According to “The Immigrant Contribution,” what main hopes did nearly all immigrants to the United States share?

What contributions did immigrants make to the United States quizlet?

1. Immigrants came to the U.S. for religious and political freedom, for economic opportunities, and to escape wars. 2. Immigrants adopted parts of American culture, and Americans adopted parts of immigrants cultures.

What are the two main reasons immigrants come to the US According to Kennedy?

In Chapter 2, Kennedy outlines three main reasons why immigration to the U.S. took place: freedom from religious persecution, political oppression and economic hardship.

What is the purpose of a quilt?

Quilts were made in those early days in America to serve a purpose, to provide warmth at night and to cover doors and windows to help reduce cold. Quilts were functional, with little time for women to create decorative quilts.

What is Anna Quindlen’s claim in a quilt of a country summarize her claim in your own words would you defend her claim or challenge it?

Consisting of many ethnic and cultural groups. What is Anna Quindlen’s claim in “A quilt of s country” Summarizes her claim in your own words. Anna Quindlen’s claims we are all different but we are always united as a country.

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How is the author comparing America to a quilt Why?

Compare And Contrast America A Quilt

“It was built of bits and pieces that seem discordant, like the crazy quilts that have been one of its great folk-art forms,” The author is saying that that America is like a quilt because it is made up many different kinds of people that all have different characteristics.

What is the overall message that Quindlen conveys about America?

Quindlen draws a connection between the good and the bad in this world. She reminds us that, while we must endure tragedies in this world, these horrific events also serve to remind us of what we have to appreciate.

In what main way does Kennedy make an appeal to reason in the immigrant contribution?

Indispensable, giant, and leading. In what main way does Kennedy make an appeal to reason in this quotation from “The Immigrant Contribution”? “Significant as the immigrant role was in politics and in the economy, the immigrant contribution to the professions and the arts was perhaps even greater.

What information does Kennedy provide about the immigrant status of some of the signers of the Declaration of Independence?

What information does Kennedy provide about the immigrant status of some of the signers of the Declaration of Independence? This confirms Kennedy’s point that all Americans are immigrants.

How is immigration a gesture of faith in social mobility?

Immigration is a gesture of faith in social mobility. It is the expression in action of a positive belief in the possibility of a better life. It has thus contributed greatly to developing the spirit of personal betterment in American society and to strengthening the national confidence in change and the future.

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