Frequent question: How do I start indigenous beading?

What to buy to start beading?

The basic, must-have tools that any beginner should have to get started creating their very own beautiful jewelry and beading projects include:

  • Wire Cutters.
  • Round-Nose Pliers.
  • Flat-Nose Pliers.
  • Crimping Pliers.
  • A Ruler/Tape Measure.
  • A Bead Organizer.
  • Adhesive, such as the E-6000.

How do you seed leather beads?

Tie a knot in the end of the thread. Then pass the needle, working from back to front, through the first hole in the leather. Thread on the beads or crystals of your choice then pass the thread, front to back, through the next hole. Continue working the thread through the holes in the leather, adding beads as you go.

What size needle do I need for seed beads?

A general rule of thumb: Size 15 seed bead uses size 12 or 13 needle. Size 11 seed bead uses size 12 needle. Size 8 seed bead uses size 8 or 10 needle.

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