How do you make a duvet cover out of curtains?

How do you make a duvet cover with curtains?

Fold the duvet in half lengthways. Using the chalk, place a mark on the fold at the required length. Cut along the fold to this point then across the width of the curtain. Put the bottom section to one side for making your tab tops later on.

Can you make your own duvet cover?

Good duvets are expensive; they need to be protected. It’s surprisingly easy—and cost-effective—to make a customized summer-weight comforter cover from two new (or old) flat sheets. Just partner up different shades, or a plain linen with a patterned one, and straight-line sew the tops and sides together.

Can you make curtains from bedding?

Cut Queen or King Sheets in Half: Cut queen and king flat sheets in half lengthwise to create two curtain panels. Two twin or full flat sheets will adequately cover most standard-size windows.

What fabric do you use to make a duvet cover?

You can use quilting weight cottons, sheeting fabric, broadcloth, pre-made flat sheets, or decor fabric. Choose different fabrics for the front and back if you want it to be reversible. Or you can use a flat sheet on the bottom and a more decorative fabric on top.

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