How do you store scrapbook scraps?

How do you store scrapbook paper scraps?

My favorite way to store my paper scraps is in the Expandable Paper Storage folders, and I organize them by color for cardstock, and by collection for patterned paper. Inside each of the slots, I store the scraps in 12×12 Photo Sleeves so I can easily remove them when creating.

How do you organize and store scrapbook paper?

The best way to organize scrapbook paper within storage boxes

  1. color (this is for paper that has a light pattern and no real design)
  2. stripes.
  3. dots.
  4. animals.
  5. food/cooking/kitchen (a smaller category, but one that I had enough paper for)
  6. music.
  7. vintage.
  8. decorative (for paintable paper, shimmer, and lace)

How do you store paper?

For optimal efficiency, it’s crucial to store papers in a hanging-file system. Put each category of papers in a separate folder and store them in a filing cabinet or upright in a filing box placed on a shelf. Storing them this way makes it easy for you to see how many papers you have. It also looks neat and tidy.

How do you store paper pads?

Flat on Large Horizontal Shelves (large size paper)

I designed some long horizontal shelves in my custom-built storage bin just for this purpose. Other ways I’ve kept large paper pads in good shape is to store them on top of a shelf or cupboard and cover with fabric or plastic to keep the dust off.

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