What does it mean to have a bead on someone?

1. To aim at someone or something with the sights on a firearm. I managed to draw a bead on the enemy sniper, but had to wait until I received the order to fire. 2. By extension, to focus one’s attention on someone or something so as to deal with or attack him, her, or it.

Can’t get a bead on meaning?

Literally speaking, if you have a bead on someone, then your gun is aimed at them. Figuratively speaking, this means you know exactly where they are, or what they are doing. If you can’t get a bead on someone, you either don’t know where they are, or don’t understand their actions or intent.

Where does get a bead on come from?

To take careful verbal aim at a person. An Americanism dating from about 1830, the term comes from aiming a revolver or rifle, on which the “bead” was a small knob on the foresight. It was being used figuratively by about 1930.

What does bead up mean?

v. To form into the shape of a bead; come together in droplets: Because I just waxed my car, the rain beaded up its surface as it fell. Sweat started to bead up on my forehead. See also: bead, up.

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What does it mean to get a beat on someone?

(beat on someone) to hurt someone by hitting them a lot of times. According to the witness, the police ran up and started beating on him.

Have a good bead on things meaning?

To thoroughly understand, appreciate, or comprehend someone or something. The team just has to draw a bead on the severity of the cyber attack before we can implement any meaningful fixes. I couldn’t get my head around him at first, but I’m finally starting to draw a bead on my sister’s boyfriend.

What is a Brad person?

Brad(noun) is conventionally the term assigned for thin nails with projected heads on all sides or on one side only. As a slang, brad is referent to a lover who is exceedingly sweet and caring and also fantastic in bed.

What are beads?

A bead is a small, decorative object that is formed in a variety of shapes and sizes of a material such as stone, bone, shell, glass, plastic, wood or pearl and with a small hole for threading or stringing. … Beadwork is the art or craft of making things with beads.

What is the original meaning of the word bead How did it get its present meaning?

The “bead” in this expression comes from “the small metal knob that forms the front sight of a gun.” … Originally, “beads” were not the little objects on the string, but the prayers being said. Bead in this sense is a cognate of German bitte, a word that is used to make a request.

What does until the bitter end mean?

Definition of to/until the bitter end

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: until the end of something that may be very bad, unpleasant, etc. I knew she would stand by me to the bitter end. He vowed that he would keep fighting until the bitter end.

What does it mean to roll off?

1. To fall or move from on top (of someone or something) in a rolling motion, on wheels, or atop or in something with wheels on it. To cause someone or something to fall or move from on top (of someone or something) in a rolling motion, on wheels, or atop or in something with wheels on it. …

What causes Waterbeads?

Water beading, also known more scientifically as hydrophobicity, is simply when water beads up on your car’s surface and rolls off. … However, there are some substances like oils, fats and waxes, that are not attracted to water and instead, repels it by creating surface tension. This surface tension causes beads to form.

What does a beat up mean?

: badly worn or damaged by use or neglect a beat-up old car.

What is bear on?

Definition of bear on

1 : to have an effect on (something) Personal feelings did not bear on our decision. 2 : to apply or relate to (something) What are the facts bearing directly on this matter?

What does bear upon mean?

to cause inconvenience or discomfort to. act upon, influence, work. have and exert influence or effect.

What does it mean to draw a bead?

Take careful aim, as in The debater drew a bead on his opponent. This term, dating from about 1830, alludes to the bead on a revolver or rifle, that is, a small knob in the foresight. [

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