What does Oversew in knitting mean?

Oversewing is a way of seaming like whip stitch. Back stitch will also work as well for a seam on small pieces like dolls.

What does flat seam mean?

Definition of flat-fell seam

: a strong seam with two lines of stitching showing on the right side that is produced by folding one raw edge under the other and stitching it flat or slip-stitching it on the wrong side.

What does flat stitch mean?

The flat stitching (or understitching) is sewn to keep facings and linings from peaking out, especially around necklines and armholes and around the waist on a lined skirt to stop the lining riding up. It also means that when turned and pressed, the seam line tends to favor the inside of the garment.

What is Backstitching knitting?

When you join knitted pieces by using backstitch, you sew them together in the conventional manner. Backstitch involves placing the right sides of your pieces together and moving your tapestry needle in and out along the seam line.

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