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  • Shops in Chinatown are closed for Chinese New Years and Songkran
    • Chinese New Year is at the end of January, beginning of February, see Thai holidays
    • Songkran April 13-15
    • shops in Pahurat are open during these holidays

Shops are open 7 days a week, from 8:30 to 5:00 with some shops having slightly different hours.

Some shops are closed on Sundays but not all.

It is very crowded on Sat-Sun and holidays. The walking lane in Chinatown, Bangkok, is known as Sampeng Lane (signs say Soi Wanit 1) and it’s the only place in all of Thailand to get cotton quilt fabric at cheap prices. There are a lot of fabric shops! Diana drew up a map showing the shops that have 100% cotton. Bolts wrapped in plastic are for sale by the bolt. The shop numbers go in order so you can find a shop by it’s number with even numbers on one side, odd on the other. If you buy less than 10 meters of fabric, the price is retail but still cheap, as low as 35 baht per meter ($1 per yard). If you buy 10 meters or more, which can be various fabrics from one shop, the price is wholesale which means about a 25% discount. Minimum cut is 1 meter, sometimes 2. The shopkeepers are honest and the prices are low. Watch out for pickpockets though. The closest skytrain station is Hua Lampong, or Wong Wian Yai and get a taxi to Sampeng. Or arrive by boat at N 5 Ratchawongse or N 6 Memorial Bridge (Saphan Phut) and walk.

Don’t bargain! It’s not a bargaining place! If you buy in quantity, you get the wholesale price. For example if you buy a dozen sarongs, or 10 meters of fabric or more, you get the wholesale price. These shops sell in quantity! Thanks for reading and have fun!